My interest in make-up and hairstyling originated during my years of work as an international photo model. As a young girl, I already dreamed of a job in which I could express my creativity, travel a lot, or constantly would work with other people. Preferably, I also wanted to help these people to feel better, more confident and more beautiful. I could never imagine that I would ever make all these dreams come true in one profession. That’s why I can comfortably say that my work is my biggest passion.

My technique perfected

After my make-up training, I started working for MAC Cosmetics in Amsterdam. A great experience, through which I have perfected my technique. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience at MAC by working with women of all ages and ethnic groups, and each with their own individual wishes.

Twenty years in business

During my work at MAC, my portfolio and clientele grew as a freelance make-up artist. That’s why I decided in 2004, after working for MAC for five years, to continue full time as an independent make-up artist. Since then I have worked for various magazines, advertising campaigns, designers, fashion shows and television. For this I also regularly travelled abroad. In addition, I have run my own make-up studio in Germany, where I lived for six years. In my studio, I gave workshops and colour advice, and I did make-up and hairstyling for private clients. In my German make-up studio I gained a lot of experience creating all kinds of different bridal make-up and hairstyles. Now, almost twenty years later, I can still say that I’m as enthusiastic about and happy with my work as on day one.

Working together to create beautiful work

Working together with a team and / or clients is important to me in my work. Bringing a vision to life together, flexibility, spontaneity, and the joint pursuit of a perfect end result.

A small selection from the list of clients I have worked with:

Levi’s // Diesel // de Bijenkorf // Sissy Boy // Amsterdam Fashion Week // Masters of LXRY // Erny van Reijmersdal // ELLE Living // Avant Garde // Nouveau // Viva // Hitkrant // Strictly // BLVD / / Wella // Seiko // NS // Siemens // BLV Verlag // Pinkpop, Cindy Blackman // SBS

Diana Zwarthoed